Study: 64 percent of Germans know about Bitcoin

A month ago the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion conducted a survey among 1,200 Russians over 18 years. As it turned out, the main bitcoin heard 56 percent of respondents. 14 percent knew the term, and 30 percent for the first time heard it. In Germany the situation is better — the word “Bitcoin” is not a surprise to two thirds of the population.

Bitcoin is sweeping the planet

A poll conducted by the German Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and media, reports Cointelegraph. Asked questions 1009 residents of Germany, and the minimum age of respondents was 14 years.

64 percent of respondents have heard about Bitcoin. In 2016, the figure was 36 percent, and in 2013 — only 14 per cent.

The majority at 72 percent said they had no interest in using cryptocurrencies. 19 percent know the methods of acquiring and spending Bitcoin. 4 percent did.

One in four unwilling to use the crypt called the process of buying coins is too complicated. I guess they didn’t read our article.

The numbers are encouraging. Knowledge about the existence of crypto-currencies sooner or later can turn into buying. And then close the purchase of Asimov, build farms and other familiar problems.

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