Study: 5 percent Monero extracted using a hidden mining

Japanese police yesterday filed the first criminal case for the use of the script Coinhive for covert mining Monero. Now researchers at Palo Alto Networks found that with the help of malicious software produced 5 percent of the outstanding Monero. The report lists Cointelegraph.

How to mine Monero

The study is talking about the software that is used for the production of coins of the computational power of random computers. Device owners often are unaware that their technique mines the coins.

The study’s authors believe that Monero is “incredible monopoly” on the production of coins — of all the hidden mining of the extracted tokens for $ 175 million. On the basis of capitalization of the coins at the time of publication notes in the amount of approximately $ 1.9 billion, the amount equivalent to 5% of XMR in circulation at the moment.

In conversation with the edition head Monero Malware Response WorkGroup Justin Edenhofer said that the coin developers know about the problem and try to deal with scammers.

The Monero community is interested in assisting users whose equipment was used for illegal mining coins or other illegal actions. However, we will never know how many machines used for covert mining — do not know even the organizers of the illegal production of coins. It is hoped that our efforts will be sufficient to deter illegal activities.

How the Monero developers are struggling with the illegal mining XMR, Inhofer said. Published data seriously undermine the reputation of the coin. Especially considering the fact that using a hidden mining extracted only bitcoin 981, 131 esters 28 and litecoin.

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