Studies find that time spent on mobile devices changes the structure of the brain in children

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In these days we are starting to see how it is becoming common for parents to put mobile devices in front of their children during mealtimes. Because our smart phones and our devices tablet that can play videos and games, they look like the perfect way to keep the children calm and amused. However, a recent study indicated that it may not be the best solution.

In the study of continuous backed by the National Institutes of health, it has been shown that spending a lot of time in front of the portable devices can actually change the structure of the brain in children. The study found that in the first payment of the operations of brain scanning about 4500 people between the ages of 9 and 10 years, it turns out that those who have spent more than 7 hours per day in front of screens of their mobile devices thinning of the cerebral cortex in premature, which is the outer layer that helps process information from the real world.

Is this a bad thing? It is as if it was, but the director of the Department of the National Institutes of Health ” National Institutes of Health, “ Mr. Gaya Dowling warned to put a conclusion based on these results. During his interview on 60 Minutes on CBS, Mr. Gaya Dowling said : ” We don’t know whether the reason for that is the time that children spend in front of screens of their mobile devices. Don’t know if it’s bad. We won’t be able to put a conclusion until we see whether there are results linked to the differences that we see in this single shot “.

As we said earlier, this bike is ready it is expected that the share of scientists pursuing their topics for more than a decade to get a real understanding of how the impact of using digital devices on children’s minds, and their emotional, mental health. However, we believe that the look of this phone smartphone or tablet to play real or a book from time to time, may not be a bad idea.


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