Student selects the servers of the Apple and 90 gigabytes of data

Choose the student of Australian secondary servers to the Apple TV several times to infuse in download about 90 gigabytes of data described as”safe files”, and was told he could get the customer data.

According to The Age the boy did not reveal his name for legal reasons – began to penetrate the servers of the Apple at the age of 16 years and continued for a while, and succeeded in getting the “keys cleared” which gives access to the users.

Use the kid tools such as VPN VPN to trace it, but the Apple TV system can record the serial number of my computer … the MacBook users in the hack.

After that unveiled Apple TV hack, the Federal Bureau of investigation FBI to begin investigation into the reality of the hack even trace the source to Australia, not updated after an investigation on an international level with the Australian Federal Police AFP.

After tracking the boy and arrested the police seized his eyebrows and his smartphone and tablet storage where I found the stolen files with “hack hack hack” it.

I think the kid to the crime and awaits sentencing next month, says his lawyer, the boy Continued Operations hack “because he was loving and loyal to Apple TV” and was hoping to work with the company.

Source: 9to5mac

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