Strong competition between Huawei “P30 Pro” and “P30”.. which is better?

A few weeks ago, revealed Huawei for specifications of versions of the new phones, “P30″,”P30 Pro“, and despite giving many their admiration for the issuance of “Pro“, but there are a lot of nurses in the phone “P30”, here are some highlighted differences between the two phones.

Huawei P30

Draw phone Huawei P30 sight of what holds of the AMOLED screen, highlight dark areas clearly, and from the development when carried out on the content, also allow that the screen presence of a feature always-on, showing the previous history permanently on the screen, in addition to the alerts sent by the app to the phone, a feature that was not available for a phone Huawei P20.

As well as supporting Huawei phone screen P30 scanner fingerprint on the screen, a scanner, the experts pointed out his abilities for a quick and precise at the same time.

A comparison between the two phones

The comparison between both phones, “P30”, “P30 Pro” from Huawei, it may be in the interest of “P30” in some aspects, such as the containment of this phone connector 3.5 mm audio, and uses the phones memory Nano, in order to allow extended storage space.

Features phone P30 from Huawei on the other, with the camera system the trio, with the absence of a camera Periscope 10x, facing the phone P30 Pro, except that it supports through the lens of wide-angle cameras, the photographic telephoto, the sign on the imaging sensor accurately 40 mega pixel camera.

As for the phone “Huawei P30 Pro”, we note that the battery capacity of their own up to around 4200mAh, where its ability to support fast charging, and aggressively estimated at 40w, with wireless charging has a power output of 15w, you find some similarities between the two phones, when I see the phone works like a P30 owner of the battery capacity 3650mAh, the operating system Android Bay, user interface, EMUI 9.1.

Supported Huawei phones with “water resistant and dust”, but to slightly different degrees, while the old standard dust & water resistant phone “Huawei P30” towards IP53, we find that the standard resistance with a phone “P30 Pro” up to IP68.

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