“Strawberry”.. startup companies change the buying habits of the Egyptians for clothing, household

“Strawberry” is a dedicated platform to sell women’s clothing household in Egypt via the internet, it caters for all shapes and sizes which satisfy all tastes, and “strawberry” to make the online shopping experience more fun and privacy and the ease of the actual visit to the store your favorite.

Products are considered as a strawberry and a perfect option for women and married couples in terms of fashion trends, price and quality to the highest degree of privacy, thus the “strawberry” itself as modern, sophisticated and modern instead of old conventional methods for purchase because they offer an integrated experience for shopping and buying online.

For his part, says Heath of the tiger, the CEO of the company: “despite the great demand for Womens clothing home in Egypt and in traditional format, we are seeing as a producer of electronic clear growth in a short period, demonstrating the potential opportunities of this market,” he added: “to illustrate this point that our platform is experiencing a 15 thousand visitors per month, and our page on Facebook more than 160 thousand follow-up to interact with our product offerings.”

And for the “strawberry” that connects to the interests and rights through the largest network of suppliers, the larger variety of products women’s clothing home, where he is known on its platform so far, more than 500 products in 10 different sections to include all types of women’s clothing, household and delivery service covering all of Egypt and the Middle East.

Added a tiger to his company got a round of investment constituent in the fourth quarter of 2017 from the A15, the leading company in the field of cutting-edge technology, which are making investments in this area.

And the A15 is an investment company in the sector of cutting-edge technology, are making investments to facilitate the communication between people and make the tasks of everyday life more simple and efficient. The company includes a number of business entities are important, it employs about a thousand employees in more than 20 promising market in the Middle East.

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