“Store points” the beginning point to buy accessories phones machines espresso mobile

"متجر نقطة" نقطة البداية لشراء إكسسوارات الهواتف وآلات الاسبريسو المتنقلة

When you buy a new phone begins to question revolves in the mind about the possibility of buying accessories or protection accessories don’t, but the question most prominent would be about the possibility of getting featured products and original at affordable prices, here highlights the role of store point , which offers a wide range of accessories beside his bride for machines espresso mobile.

Is considered store point specializes in the sale of accessories for smart phones and in general phones and iPhone in particular, which offers a high quality product, authentic 100% which makes it has the confidence of the users and from other regular electronic stores.

Address accessories offered by the store between the protection of the screen, handles the phones, the disbelief, the covers of the headset are, the rules of the installed phones, and other accessories brands such as CINSO, UNIQ, the Ringke, and more.Plus.

Besides introducing the accessories of the phones, the point offers its clients a machine to prepare espresso mobile potential is high, they are the only drive that works on heating the water up to 90 ° C thanks to the lithium battery inside, and the machine weighs 860 the beauty of the Prepare 9 cups espresso 5 mL by the capsule. It also protects the machine two years warranty when you buy them.

To facilitate procurement users, the store Point offers the option of a variety of state; such as payment by credit card, pay by card over, or cod, and even wire transfer to the company’s account via bank SABB. It also enables shipping the products to all the Gulf states through Aramex Courier except Qatar. Besides, lets store replacement of products or refund after purchase in case there was any manufacturing defect in it.

Visitors to the tech world get a special discount from the store point by 10% by entering the code ( TW10 ) when making purchases.

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