Store Google Play That reminds you of now install apps already

متجر قوقل بلاي يُذكّرك الآن بتثبيت تطبيقات مستخدمة مُسبقًا

No one would deny that the has Store Android Google Play dozens of minor updates, all of which are subject “to the test”, of course this makes it difficult to track new and talk about it, but lately have been discovering something new and inspiring mission, where now is the airport users to the new card download notification reminder in the tab “my applications are” where the effect of this notice is re-install the apps already use it, but not installed on the phone currently.

The turn this card is the new highlight on a few of the app that you have installed, including applications that are installed on the same account, but for other devices, there is a button “review dogs” which when pressed shows you a bunch of apps, and you are prompted to upload all at once or choose individually.

Finally this add-on show for a limited number of users, maybe we see available to everyone over the next few days or weeks that if you wanted to Google it out of test phase, at the same time is to encourage the user to experience applications that are abandoned once again, align as useful to developers as a kind of advertising.

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