Store Google Play choose the advantages of the participation of internal applications and downloads concurrent and

Almost every week comes Store app Google Play one of the different options for some users, where the App Store is fertile ground for testing Google, but they are not docking on all plugins, so rarely see some of the available to all users, generally choose the store currently many options that we find are important to users, the most notable of these additions feature simultaneous downloads “download multi” feature, and the participation of internal applications, as well as a new interface property protection to Protect and other more plugins.

In relation to the first feature, since a long time supports Store Google Play download boost apps but respectively, in other words loading several applications after the first app from the download and installation begins immediately download the second app and so, with a copy of the test that has become the application supports download a bunch of apps at one time.

متجر قوقل بلاي يختبر مزايا مشاركة التطبيقات الداخلية والتنزيلات المتزامنة وأكثر

As for the feature of “share-app” last year, Google is simplifying testing applications for developers, by allowing them to get a trial version open alpha, closed and internal testing of up to 100 users, the goal of the latter is to allow developers in large companies test their apps among the team, or get a group of users loyal to the “too small” to experience one of the apps or updates.

By default, anyone can invite to the channel selection internal install this app, so strange to see a toggle to allow to appear in the Play Store, and currently this new setup is hidden but it appears after clicking repeatedly on the version of Play Store in settings, perhaps the major interest of this setting is to disable install all application channels to the test procedure in one click.

And other plugins that you choose Google in her shop, is a new interface property protection to Protect, where it currently has a simple interface of a single page, either with a copy of this test, it’s different, where the transmission scan settings of the device and improve the detection of malicious apps to a different screen, the Home screen has included applications scanned recently.

Also there is another change in the tab movies and TV in the store, where in the tab “TV” included a new bubble to filter the presentation of programmes across the networks, this way you can see all series channel for your Favorite, finally, and as noted previously all of the plugins listed here are available in the latest version of the test to the Application Store Google Play, and of course you can get via the file download the APK from here.

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