Store Epic Games Store now lets players been not limited for their money


It wasn’t a refund the funds on the store Epic Games Store flexible at all, but the company has now to be adjusted. Similar to the new policy with the policy provided by the company Valve on the Steam store. The policy of refund of the new funds has become more flexible and refund the funds are unlimited. However, there are some conditions associated with it.

When was the launch of the store Epic Games Store, allowed customers to claim back their money only twice in the entire year. I allowed them to refund the money even with unlimited hours of play, but it depends on the customer to provide details such as their IP address in a support ticket to reclaim their money.

The company stressed that Epic Games now that the process of the claim will refund the money will be easier. Customers can claim back their money at times is limited, but within 14 days from the date of purchase, provided that they have less than two hours of play time.

Ask the customers currently submit a support request to get their money back. Says Sergey Galyonkin from the company Epic Games that the team works on a self-service option that would eliminate the need to request support in order to recover the funds. There is also a need to provide information such as the IP for a refund as long as they were fulfilling other criteria.


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