Store account Apple official shows on Amazon

حساب متجر آبل الرسمي يظهر على موقع آمازون
Store account Apple official shows up on Amazon

Store account Apple official shows up on Amazon

Earlier this month the conclusion of my company Apple and Amazon deal that would allow the sale of phones iPhone devices, iPad and other products Apple officially by Apple us, on the site of Amazon for electronic commerce.

The page looks very fair to the parties, will benefit both from the popular the other in the growth of sales figures and therefore the flow of more money in the Saint .

Was Offers Amazon limited mostly to TV Apple Apple TV and accessories relevant to shoppers who are looking for products Apple us.

Now customers can purchase the devices of faith, including the faith of X at a starting price of 899 dollars, also phones the faith x see colorful new starting price of $ 749, as an example .

Sales page Apple official on Amazon became available now for, at a very good time before the presentations plaque Friday and the rest of the offerings of the reduction until the end of the current month .

In WoT should : explicitly trillion dollars meets : Apple approaching Amazon in the picture

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