Store “iTunes” will cease to support Windows visa and XP with solutions may

متجر "آيتونز" آبل

متجر "آيتونز" آبل

Apple announced that the store “iTunes” iTunes will be discontinued starting from May 25, 2018 for supporting the Windows “XP” and a Phaser, in addition to the first generation of Apple TVs.

The move to reduce the security risks that may accompany the use of such systems, considering that Microsoft stopped supporting it officially and won’t you release the security updates never. The same applies to the organs of the “Apple TV” that the timing of the Apple TV for their support as well.

Based on the above, we will not be able to users of the systems, devices and buy songs or new movies, or even re-download previous purchases. But the use of “iTunes” program will remain available, at least in Windows “XP” and a Phaser.

The shop “iTunes” will cease to support Windows visa and XP with the month of May appeared first on the tech world.

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