Stop innovation is the reason for the failure of HTC

I think the new CEO (HTC) HTC – (in photo Mitra) – during his participation in the conference (the cost of current diet) TechCrunch Disrupt that the Taiwanese company stop innovation.

The Mitra – which assumed the functions of the newly executive director of the company (HTC), coming from the company (free) Orange – has replaced the company’s former CEO (refer Wang), who announced his resignation about two weeks ago.

And I company (HTC) of losses since years, so they announced in the second quarter of 2019 for losses for the fifth consecutive quarter. Announced in the month of July last from the hairstyle to almost a quarter of its staff.

For the sake of comparison, the share of the Taiwanese company of the smart phone market of about 11%, and then occupy the top of the first behind the company Samsung Korean, Apple American, before the rise of Chinese companies, including Huawei, which managed to outdo everyone except Samsung. For now, the company name is not mentioned in the reports.

During the conference – which is held by the site (almost current) TechCrunch technical annually – said Mitra to attend: “I expect (HTC) for the innovation in the hardware of smart phones”. He added: “and in such as Apple, Samsung, and very, Huawei, achieved an incredible achievement and investors in the gear. We didn’t do that, because we’re investing in innovation in virtual reality. When I was young, someone told me: ‘from wrong to be the right person at the wrong time, and it is right to be the wrong person at the right time.’ I think we were doing the right thing at the wrong time, and now we have to train you”.

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Said Mitra: “I made a mistake in the evaluation of time. It is very difficult to expect the time. I made the mistake (HTC) in the matter of timing. It was a terrible mistake, and now paying the price for it, but we still have many assets in terms of innovation, and the team, and balance sheets that make me feel like we’re recovering from a timing error”.

It is believed that the intention of the mitre with the word “timing” refers in the first instance, to the resolution (HTC) to convert the bulk of funds for research and development of hardware phones to the section of the virtual reality known as (X-R) XR. Said Mitra: it’s expected to overtake presentations (x, r) on the side of the portable devices in about 5 years.

Added Mitra: “we will do what we can to those (cities), but customer adoption is important.” One: “how to adopt people to provide you. And we all know that this is crucial. In the end, we’re dealing with human beings, and they are dealing with something completely new, and completely unfamiliar, which is (fact) the default”.

With regard to mobile devices, see Mitra that the fifth-generation networks represent a bottleneck to growth. Contrary to what believes that the company achieve a better performance in developing countries, says Mitra: the role of the (HTC) going in the direction of the devices featured specifically addressed to “states with GDP higher”.

It is believed Mitra that the competition is changing for the sanctions imposed on the Huawei. He said: We all agree a location with low market shares all over the world, and after that disappoint the customer in owning the latest Huawei phones”. He is of the view that the (HTC) may use the compensation to replace Huawei by offering phones from the specifications what they want, including the capabilities of the camera that “want (HTC) resolved during the next few months”.

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