Stock the blockchain: how to buy stocks Apple and Google for Bitcoin?

Belarusian startup has launched a private trading platform which allows investors to purchase shares licenzirovanie traditional stock market for the cryptocurrency. Team plans to introduce more than 10 thousand kinds of digital securities in different currency pairs. However, at the start of the project will be available for just 150 the most popular stock well-known companies.

How to buy Apple for Bitcoin

The process of investing in traditional assets is somewhat different from putting money into the crypt. To buy shares in Google or Amazon, ordinary people need to have a relatively large capital and cooperate with brokers.

Now for trading operations you don’t even have to convert their bitcoins back to Fiat. Instead, the user is able to purchase tokens of exchange, the cost of which is attached to the price of real shares of large companies. In other words, a single token, Apple would be valued in the same amount of dollars, and ordinary share Apple. At the same time to acquire the token will work for BTC or ETH.

To ensure transparency and security in the native platform team implement strict KYC and AML rules. Their implementation will be monitored firms Elliptic, Chainanalysis and Coinfirm.

We will remind, earlier this month, representatives of the Estonian stock exchange DX Exchange also announced the start of trading licenzirovanie shares of well-known enterprises. Guide trading platform intends to use their own smart contracts based on Ethereum for normal tokens.

Source: Bitcoinist

In 2018 Monetary authority of Singapore is the de facto Central Bank has concluded a partnership with Deloitte, Anquan and the NASDAQ for the development of new technical solutions that will allow you to instantly exchange digital securities at the end of November. It is possible that the global transition of traditional assets on the blockchain is going to happen in the coming years.


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