Stock exchange Bithumb lose $ 30 million in digital currency after its breakthrough.


Still trading in the market of digital currencies face security problems, it turns out that there are other Exchange suffered a breach resulting in the theft of millions of dollars of the digital currency. After just weeks of losing the stock exchange, the South Korean Coinrail about $ 40 million because of the breach, has now been taken over on the stock exchange other than South Korea called Bithumb, where it lost $ 30 million of the digital currency as part of this hack.

Confirmed Bithumb initially through network Twitter that the hack resulted in the theft of 35 billion won from the digital currency, which means currency numeric up to a value of about $ 31 million. Did not provide any details about the attack but said they will cover losses for the users.

Been freezing all deposits in Bithumb temporarily the suspension of trading also. You need to exchange to some time to change the system portfolio, and then will resume trading. This certainly will not be the last attack on the stock exchange for the digital that we hear about. Some expect to continue such attacks in the future.

These pirates know those who work in the currency market digital a very valuable lesson. Regardless of the digital currencies that they buy, you should always store them in their own portfolio. No longer storing the digital currency on the Stock Exchange Active and risky, there is always the possibility to get robbed by pirates.

Bithumb is a stock exchange established in the market and returns $ 30 million to customers, but some exchanges are not and cannot cover the users when exposed to the hack, so this is a lesson everyone should always remember.


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