Still live you didn’t ask about the price of the product and “price of Linux”.. 4 reasons behind it!

For sure you per day at least, and see several publications on the pages of out social networking sites, include the words: “buy me and her.. discounts and gifts.. buy a piece of history and a gift,” and when he draws anything and decide to buy it and take advantage from its price, and discover that the price of the secret war, you can not know through the comments, you’ll send a message because … “price of Linux”.

The question here, why designed for the owners of the garage and shocks on the book “the price of Fox’s”? Are there logical reasons for this, and will benefit you if you have a project and don’t on social media? Yes, dear there are reasons you will know in the following lines.

The first reason: fear of competitors

In the trade they say that you have to study the market before fixing the price of goods you intend to sell it, for this, afraid the owners of the garage to reply to the comment “sorry”, because they expect that competitors checking everything they write, and prefer to enter into a client conversation, instead of advertising the price in the comments.

The second reason: the chance to raise the price

Hard on the owners of the garage cabinet, which sells goods and products, the removal of any publication posted before, if he wrote Today’s price will be wasted on the same the chance to double it tomorrow.

The second reason: the leadership of a serious purchase

Like in shops when the customer or client trade and watch every piece of the question about the price and measured, then leaves and sends the web on the other, also happens on social networking sites, where the customer writes a comment on every picture offered products to see their price, measurement and materials delivery, and then say with ease ignoring the reply to confirm your order, therefore, to move the garages to the”inbox” to measure the seriousness of the customer.

Fourth reason: increasing interaction

Simply put, when you decide to buy any products online, the first thing you do is trade in Page and read the comments, right.. audience interaction with the page and approach, and the way the “price of Linux”, says the increased interaction on the page, because writing it and advertising it, no one to comment or send a message to inquire, next to the more interaction on the page increased the chance of accession of new members, and to decide based on the page the work of the ad on Facebook will increase the chance of spread more.

We believe that the 4 convincing reasons to a large extent to answer the question that spins the imagination of many: “why the price is always Linux”, and if I was Modric a page on Facebook, or you have a special project, you should take into account these reasons, it will also help you in managing your page.

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