Steve Wozniak told me how he lost all his bitcoins

The decision of Steve Wozniak to part with their bitcoins turned out to be fatal for him. About a bad experience trading digital cash co-founder of Apple Computer said, speaking before the participants of the economic summit in India. According to him, all of his bitcoins in the amount of seven pieces was stolen and he was left with nothing.

“The blockchain allows you to know what number of bitcoins owned by a particular person, but does not protect you from fraud, says Wozniak. — Someone bought my bitcoins with a credit card, and then cancelled the payment. It was all so simple — the transaction was made with a stolen card, and means to return the money already, no way”.

Wozniak said they purchased their bitcoins in an experiment, when the rate did not exceed 700 dollars. Since then, the coin has risen more than ten times, and Who, realizing that no longer wants to worry about price spikes, decided to sell all stocks. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, the inventor, from his own words, remains an ardent supporter of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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