Steve Wozniak: the hype over the blockchain — a sign of a bubble

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak loves to make polar views on cryptocurrency. In early June, he saidthat Bitcoin is pure digital gold, and now criticized the technology, which is based on coin. According to him, the popularity of the blockchain is built on hype — it means that the distributed registry is the signs of a bubble. His words are quoted by CNBC.

Whether to implement blockchain the businessman

Wozniak said that such a level of hype comparable only to the Internet in the era of its origin.

Then the Internet was a bubble — the interest was so much that it grew at a tremendous pace. Now the same is happening with bloccano.

Co-founder of Apple is sure that the blockchain is also comparable to the dot-com — to survive after the bubble burst, only those who first “caught the wave”. In conclusion, he noted that the distributed registry is a huge potential, and the technology can change the world.

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