Steve Wozniak spoke about the theft of seven bitcoins

In late January, Steve Wozniak spoke about the sale of their Bitcoin savings. According to the Apple co-founder, he doesn’t want to constantly monitor rates and worry about the price. The entrepreneur sold a coin, but not tied to cryptocurrency. The day before he had lost seven bitcoins, and shared the details of the scheme.

Theft of bitcoins from a celebrity

Deception turned out brilliantly simple, according to CCN. Wozniak decided to sell seven of bitcoins and found a buyer. Then got money on a card and sent the coins to the desired wallet.

After some time, the payment canceled and money returned. It turned out that the buyer had used a stolen credit card. The return probably took place at the initiative of the present owner. Wozniak commented on the situation.

Blockchain checks for bitcoins, but it does not guarantee the impossibility of deception. I stole seven bitcoins. Someone paid for the coins with a credit card and the Bank reversed the payment. It was so easy! And since the card was stolen, I’ll never get the money back.

In the end, Wozniak lost a cryptocurrency and has not received the money. Involved in the scheme real owner of the card is unknown.

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