Steve Wozniak: Ethereum will be the second Apple

In late February, investor and co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak said about the theft of seven bitcoins. When you try to sell the coins, the entrepreneur is faced with a fraud — he received the money and sent the coins to the buyer. However, some time later the payment was cancelled. It turned out, the attacker used the stolen credit card.

Now, Wozniak said that on blockchain Ethereum platform can replicate the success of Apple and become one of the most revolutionary companies in the world. His words are quoted by Cointelegraph.

What will happen to the Air the opinion of the co-founder of Apple

Statement by the investor made at the conference WeAreDevelopers in Vienna.

The air interests me because it is both the coin and platform, allowing you to create something new. In the future Ethereum may be equally influential company like Apple.

Wozniak added that although at the beginning of 2018, has publicly renounced the cryptocurrency, he still owns one bitcoin and three esters. Coins need to “experiment with paying different things,” he said.

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