Steve Wozniak advised Apple to split into several companies

Despite the fact that Steve Wozniak has long departed from Affairs and has no relation to Apple’s view on a particular issue still remains popular among fans and journalists with industry publications. Therefore, almost every event which in any way relates to Apple, is invariably accompanied by a review of the Who. And when nothing interesting happens, just the Apple co-founder shares his thoughts on how the company should develop to achieve success.

It seems that comments are all that are now able Steve Wozniak

This week, Wozniak gave an interview to Bloomberg Technology, in which he spoke about his vision for the future of Apple. In his opinion, for the effective development of it should select from its membership the major departments, giving them status of independent companies. It should have been done a long time ago because Apple is growing very rapidly, expanding its sphere of influence. Rigid centralization limits its products in development, forcing them to be strict guidelines that are ruining everything.

Why Apple should break up

Autonomy will allow the divisions have become independent companies, to think more freely, I’m sure Who. As a result, their products have a chance to become more interesting and attractive to the consumer because those who are working on it, not be bound by the standards of the head company. In addition, the independence of the constituent parts of the company will allow Apple to remove the charges in the organization of a monopoly in the applications market, which it accuses Spotify.

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Wozniak is not the first who spoke about the benefits of Apple split into several independent enterprises. First publicly spoke Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren. She stated that Apple has no right simultaneously to release their app and distribute third-party. Thus the company violates the rights of independent developers, because it seeks to more aggressively promote in the App Store ON its own.

Independence from Apple — illusory

Though not very clear who will be obliged to Apple to stop the de facto control of subsidiaries, which de jure are not her and belong. Obviously, nothing will prevent the company to register multiple conditionally independent legal entities somewhere in Cyprus or the virgin Islands, and then to influence them. In any case, to imagine that Apple would voluntarily abandon control over such successful projects as the iPhone and the App Store, personally I don’t.

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