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In her exclusive interview in 2008, only three years before his death from pancreatic cancer, the founder of Apple Steve Jobs for the keys to the success of the company. Those keys and if you want to say bold ideas and non-routine that brought about the renaissance of quality in the world of Technology extended its roots to other environments different from those of the environment in which I grew up. Now those ideas have inspired many of the killer is not Finn the technical field only but in other areas different. Everyone is weighing in on the well of the Apple, and inevitably will create what they see good. In this article, take a look at some of those gems of small and precious that delivered by the late Steve Jobs on his audience. Maybe we can lose.

ستيف جوبز: قرار واحد يفصل بين القيادي الناجح والغير ناجح

Did she function jobs easy?

One of the questions that face him in this interview. Where jobs said that his job is not as easy as people think. And the main goal of that job is what makes it not easy is trying to find the best and submit it for publication. The road to success will not be a bed of roses and never will be never easy, like you’re breathing in the garden. He says that the best presidents have to enjoy life a little, or be cruel to some thing. Indeed, this is what we found in jobs, the way the two brilliant and staff in the department at the beginning of the journey to Apple after a short period of their appointment. He saw the jobs they’re good really in management, but they don’t provide new or don’t know something else. Use with cruelty and their ways.

If what did he want jobs for?

One of the questions that were met with questions from other jobs where he said: as the number of executives who claim they want to make people’s lives better? As the number of leaders who can be their goal is the development of people’s knowledge and expand their schools and in their professional lives, i.e. to make them better. This is the key to success that should be the focus of the thinking of these managers. Not necessarily that these persons are professionals in their field, committed only two roles, we want people passionate innovators.

Survival of the fittest.

We all know the term survival of the fittest, but this term when say, the first thing that comes to mind is some kind of predation, whether physical life I like more than anyone else to replace him in any way. Or is a kind of strong community on the difference of colors, shapes, and layering of modalities that the best interests of the people of individual business interest and the community. Which makes these managers slumming it on themselves, specializing in their decisions, governed their routine hard, and therefore drops it on without them, but it is a step going down them, and they just under their feet.

But the survival of the fittest

Yes survival of the fittest, said by Steve Jobs “work is for profit, and profit for the work” the circle is self-serving. Win to remember and new, so as not to be a profit a short period followed by a loss eternal.

He also said: I don’t have to bear the pressure and burden, and here and there, continuous research, and work on employee engagement and leadership development. Where should individuals participants in the same team compete against each other. And who has the talent, creativity and innovation to harness these capabilities to change the world and change history.

The real challenge

Steve Jobs was well known that above all, you should focus on hiring the smartest knowledge workers, allowing them to manage self, and draw things on their own instead of the management guidelines strictly accurate. Meaning as long as you provide the creativity purpose and show what you have and we grade you and support you. But provides creativity and innovation in itself does not provide anything, just put these things in fact think is a real challenge. Faith in the idea and insist on its implementation adds real value to the world. And writer Mustafa Sadiq Rafii when he said:

If only the minimum something you Plus them

This point alone distinguished Steve Jobs and his ilk today for the majority of the presidents who are speaking in both small and large start of operations input to the operations of the output and the final results. As jobs said: “it is not logical never to employ smart people and forcing them what to do and what not to and not to depart for ever, we hire people who are smart so they can tell us what we should do,” maybe they see things in favor of the work don’t see us coming.

A shared vision

Freedom of jobs that have officials common vision, and that there will be consensus on that vision. The fact that the leaders of Apple were involved in the clarification of the vision in diverse and even quiet understanding of the staff of the Apple TV that clearly, and they talked about it, and they felt so deep in afford.

In business environments decentralization today, the judge says: good record the contributions and the ideas and inventions of their followers in the different visions. Which makes them feel that they are investors in those companies and they have to try and grow their investments. Of course, this motivates them to cooperate and creativity freely in a not to exceed the basic requirements of the job. This is what it should be for every leader.

And in the end make them better

This practice the axiom that he had done jobs are the ones that paved the way for people to make them better or make his life better. And through his faith in his followers and they in fact are good and creative and clever, he gave the team the Apple workers the tools and resources necessary for development and evaluation of wonderful things.

Do you think the help of creativity, innovation and courage to implement it on the ground is of the most important factors of progress and success and maintain it? Or are there other requirements is much more important than that? Tell us in the comments.



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