Steps to choosing your new phone professionally

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In this article we’ll talk about what are the steps that you should do and tips that you should follow before buying a new phone, everyone wants to buy a new phone and don’t know what are the choices and things that you should focus on until it stops, not all the requirements that he uses in his phone .

1 – budget

The first thing you should focus on is your financial capabilities and the budget that will be allocated for it, be sure that the budget is not very big role when you’re selecting since the beginning, if you have 100 or 200 dollars and you can’t try them, be sure that you won’t be looking at phones category economic., Will choices in this category, either the category available you should raise it to $ 400 and so on.

2 – Select the phone section

There is a economical class there is a class of medium there is a high class and this is known in all areas and not only in the field of phones and I love the split look like this :

  • Category economic : ranging price phones between $ 80 and $ 200
  • Category average : ranging between $ 250 and $ 450
  • Category high : ranging between $ 500 and $ 1000

3 – Determine your needs

Working on taking into account your needs and goals from which you want to use the phone for besides calls , such as if you like photography with the camera means choose phone with a good camera or you are someone you open the app significantly means will focus on the performance, including the processor and Ram of any powerful processor and Ramat good thus and have registered all the widgets and things that you use often in your phone .

4 – select phones that category

I advise you to enter into the Google search engine and do a search very simple type best phones 2018 under 500 and will give you many selections that will be is in that category of price .

5 . comparison between the phones

You apps compare between phones and offer you the best two apps, after writing your choices will be stored for you application in terms of performance, battery, processor, and screen .

Download apps compare the phones :

Mr. Phone


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Steps to choosing your new phone professionally

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