Steps how you can figure out the best 9 pictures of you on Instagram through 2018

With the end of the year 2018, the detection of many technology companies for some services which allow users to find out the best moments that we passed during the year such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other services, but perhaps some wonder about the best pictures of the their participation this year on the network Instagram, which got the biggest number of signs of admiration, and fortunately there is a new tool that helps users find out the best 9 photos the share and achieved the highest number of signs of admiration.


Way to get the best images of the user through 2018

– All the user needs is to download the application of Top Nine app or visit the website “” of his smartphone or from your desktop computer.

-Enters the name of his account on Instagram in the box provided, and press Continue.

-Enter the e-mail, and then presses Find My Top Nine

– After that the service generates a photo you 9 images of the user most effective for signs of admiration, as he knows the total number of times admiring all the photos and videos.

Users can share these photos on Twitter or Facebook with ease, and you can also save the image on your user easily, but it should be noted that this feature does not work with your accounts to private on the Instagram, so be sure to have the account “General”.

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