Stellar has updated the minimum for last 15 months. What is the reason for the fall?

Last year Stellar Lumens was practically the Golden child of cryptosphere. He was the chief competitor to ripple’s in the blockchain-the transaction and the highest of hopes. The slogan of the project “send money” email now would come into the hands of the society. However, something went wrong – token failed to attract wide attention and continues to fall in price, losing the capitalization.

XLM can fly from dozens of the best

Stellar along with the rest of Althingi suffered serious losses due to the onslaught of the bears. Once fought for 5th place in the world, coin XML is now virtually dropped out of dozens, losing positions to Tesero, Lidoine and the Throne. From its record high XLM lost more than 90 percent and now stands around 8.6 per cent. Yesterday the price of coin fell to a record low over the past 15 months, 8.3 per cent.

Source: NewsBTC

In turn, the centralized token ripple’s XRP, which is stellar and ottorgovalis, shows a more dynamic performance. He is now firmly entrenched in second place in the world rankings.

According to the developers of Stellar, you need to pay attention not on price but on the fundamental characteristics of the coins and how she is actively expanding the channels of adoption. One of the projects of the company – AnchorUSD, which according to the January statement is the first seamless integration with Fiat. The project will allow Stellar to provide deposits in dollar terms, and users can withdraw money to personal Bank accounts.

In addition, SatoshiPay released three new full-fledged validator Stellar, and the new multisig wallet. According to Fortune, earlier this month, the Fund’s Investments Grayscale added support for the Lumens on their platform. Thus in contrast to other cryptoform type ConsenSys, Blockfolio, Bitmain and Huobi, Stellar Development Foundation has continued to hire software developers even in the face of a bear market.

As NewsBTC writes, it is hardly possible to single out any apparent reason drop Stellar. More important is that the team love it, and continues to work hard on the project. May indeed make sense to ignore prices and focus on products for Stellara and other scriptaction.

More data look at cryptodata. The current rate of coins can be found in our classroom ranking of cryptocurrencies.

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