Statistics: in the past year fell 46 per cent of the ICO projects

Yesterday the staff Tokendata shared statistics of IPOs tokens. January of this year was a record and brought the ICO projects $ 1.5 billion. But there’s bad news: in 2017, failed in almost half of all ideas.

Success statistics of the ICO projects

The figure revealed representatives Tokendata, reports the News.bitcoin. In their list of issues tokens for last year was 902 project. 142 of them have passed the stage of funding, and an additional 276 have not implemented the idea, although got the money. The last part was a Scam and ran with the involved investments.

Finally, we obtain 46% of unsuccessful projects. The figure could rise to 59 percent if we consider the 113 projects that ceased to make itself felt in social networks after the completion of the ICO.

The probability of failure is too high, therefore, to understand the state’s desire to protect investors. I hope 2018 will be more successful and for the investors and for the reputation of the ICO.

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