Startup tray says it has succeeded in the development of batteries solid

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Promised the batteries are hard to be the holy grail of Electronics is modern and is likely to solve all our problems with Fast shipping and longevity and control. But we are still far from the moment that we get a ready-made product that uses this type of batteries, or so we thought.

Sources indicate that specialized in the folder to startup the tray may be reached by the production of large quantities of batteries hard. This company is emerging called Qing Tao Energy Development Co, come from the University of Tsinghua University and the technical in the country. The company has Emerging already created a production line in East China is capable of producing batteries, the capacity of 100MWh per annum.

As part of its outlook for the future, the company plans to increase production to 700MWh by the year 2020. Energy intensity of one unit is the 400Wh/Kg, which is more by 30 percent compared with the latest generation of lithium ion batteries ranging in intensity between 250Wh/Kg and 300Wh/Kg.

Unfortunately, there are no other details about the subject and do not know how the company managed to reach mass production and at what cost.



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