Startup DEUS ETH launched a reality show on smart contracts with the main prize in the Ethereum

In November last year, the Studio AxiomZen introduced the game CryptoKitties. It users grow and sell cryptococal. Played big in a week the game will have invested $2.7 million of real money. In their footsteps went the startup DEUS ETH. Tothe company, launched her eponymous reality TV show featuring fictional characters. In each round one of them dies, and has come down to the finish line, the player gets 4.5 ETH.

How to capitalize on the popularity of the cryptocurrency

DEUS ETH consists of 10 rounds in which the top prize competing 50 characters. In each round, the system based smart contracts randomly determines which of the characters will die. The day passes in two rounds.

Users can sell and buy characters: both living and dead. They are from 0.3 to 956 ETH ETH — depending on survival and the level of the quests. According to the creators, the dead heroes can be resurrected at any time. Them alive the same system of smart contracts.

According to the creators of the game, the main prize amount increases with every sale character — 30% of the transaction go to the prize Fund. How the company managed to collect at the moment is unknown.

Previously, the Chinese Xiaomi released the game Jiami Tu, where users can buy and sell “cryptosystem”. The cost of the characters is not revealed, play only the owners of the accounts in the system of Xiaomi.

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