Starting from July will not sync photo library Google with Google Drive

بدءًا من يوليو لن تتم مزامنة مكتبة صور قوقل مع قوقل درايف

All of the services Google Drive, Photos, Google always had a close relationship, so you can view your photos that have been uploaded directly within the application cloud storage “drive”, despite the fact that the company increased the difficulty of access in the last year, now there is some new evidence which refers to the disintegration of the two services, so that images uploaded to the photo service may not be accessible through the application of the drive, to activate this option in next July.

This evidence, it was a Chains of software through the Teardown and have explained to us these strings that, starting from next July has not synced photo library Google service with Google Drive, so all your files will be safe in the service of sound, there are other series indicate that the folder image Google no longer sync in Google Drive.

Finally, there is no word from Google or team one Services about this, and I got it is very unfortunate that we see this close relationship may have become of the past, and noted that even now I don’t see evidence that the integration had finished on the web and in the desktop application, so it may be a step of mono include applications on mobile phones only.

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