Started a robotic “Scout”.. Amazon different robots in the delivery to homes

Company started in the Amazon in choice of robots in the delivery to homes, and began to offer a robot called “scout” Scout, in the US state of Washington.

Prepared Amazon’s 6 trucks, electric self-driving of the type “sky” to be delivering the parcel, which will be held initially during daylight hours, will be accompanied by temporary employees from Amazon, that the robots take it upon themselves to accomplish the work alone.

Said Sean Scott, vice president of Amazon, the company has developed a robot “scout” in its laboratory for research and development in Seattle, to ensure that the robot and its can navigate safely and efficiently, and can distinguish pets and the different establishments on its way, in order to complete its work successfully.

Featured truck “scout” Scout in a promotional video while it is connected to one of the parcels, which is fitted with a lid is lifted automatically when you exit the client from his home to receive the package, but did not disclose more details about how the “sky”.

Nor is Amazon the first company that used robots in the delivery of packages, has announced the robots “Starship technology” Starship Technologies for a fleet of 20 robots providing the coffee and pizza for college students in Virginia, and you can also request service via a dedicated application for it.

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