Start the countdown to launch phone Honor HONOR 10 Lite in Egypt, distinctive designs at a competitive price

The company launches honor, the electronic tag of the leading smart phones, latest smart phones within the Egyptian market during the days, a phone HONOR 10 Lite, which will tip the scales in the world of the picture, selfie, thanks to its distinction with front and back cameras amazing works of the potential of artificial intelligence AI, in addition to what is enjoyed by the device from the power super and superior design, at a competitive price will be announced within days.

Comes Put phone Honor HONOR 10 Lite in the wake of the previous phone HONOR 9 Lite, combines the best of contemporary techniques and sets a new standard in smartphone design, according to a press release of the company.

The device has the processing of distinct try the most powerful phones in the structure of the flowchart grave elegance which makes it the peak of beautiful design and superior engineering.

In the structure of his life the tail of the gradient colors, the phone needs Honor HONOR 10 Lite on a range of characteristics that confirm that there is a futuristic design different, they promote the phone to the big screen without a frame, and more advanced system of artificial intelligence that outperforms its rivals.

Chris Saint sing, president of Mark Of Honor Honor in the Middle East and Africa: “I am happy that the Middle East Market welcomed the brand of Honor, products widely welcomed, and we are pleased to call the latest of our devices, a phone HONOR 10 Lite, in the region in the coming days, no doubt that the organization is aware of all new is thrown into the world of smart phones, but we are confident that the price is wonderful and amazing and will help us to think on others with ease.”

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