Start provide Whatsapp work on iOS

Started application WhatsApp Business WhatsApp Business from having the iOS operating system after more than a year to offer it officially on Android.

Featured the official version of the app on the Apple App Store Mexican as well as France, Brazil, what means that it is available in a limited number of states, perhaps to test it before releasing it in all over the world later.

The application WhatsApp business – houses from the application of the WhatsApp’s official – businesses communicate with their customers through it, it also provides several tools such as show hours and official website list of products and other benefits we don’t see in the application WhatsApp to chat regular.

Will depend on Facebook to monetize WhatsApp through this app, where the imposition of finance charges when responding to questions and requests of the customer after 24 hours of receipt where currently although free in just 24 hours. It will also provide display advertising on the bus.

Offers WhatsApp for business as in the application of the Messenger, an auto reply message in times of holidays and outside the official working hours, as well as welcome messages.

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