Start charging a new version of Mac book Pro on June 6,

بدء شحن أجهزة ماك بوك برو في 6 يونيو

Use Apple to start a conference of developers world 2018 the company on 4 June until the 8th of the same month, and apparently they will start charging some devices MacBook Pro during the conference.

According to the website the Mac Observer, the company will be Shipping the MacBook Pro with 13-inch screen on June 6, two days after the start of the conference company.

As pointed out by the site Apple Insider that the company is preparing to launch an updated version of the Mac and Mac Pro and the MacBook Air will be announced as usual in the Conference of developers, but the site indicated that the Mac Pro LED 13-inch with a processor Core i5 at 2.3 GHz is the only device that can buy it and ship it starting June 6, in what appears in the websites for the purchase of hardware any information about the availability of new versions of the Mac devices of the other.


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