“Stappone”.. your smart device to see our health from the soles of your feet

Employs the device “can” Stappone the latest ways to make the most of modern technology in the field of health of the body, through the card is placed in the shoe from the inside, the device can recognize a lot of health problems, and assistance in planning.

And cooperation in the development of the “can” Stappone, in Austria, health experts and researchers at leading universities and programmers, skilled, and used dozens of sensors in order to draw a digital map of the whole body via the feet, the diagnosis of the general physical and work to improve them.

The “can” through a smart application, through the review of all data and information monitored by sensors, is available as an app alert the user in case of monitoring of his way sitting or standing wrong could harm his health.

Besides that, the app works stalker. fitness, Fisk distance walking or running and the number of steps and number of calories burned, etc.

Successfully campaign financing “was” in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, is scheduled to up the device to his supporters by next month, priced at 49 euros (1,000 EGP).

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