Standing room on airplanes: the absurdity or the future of the economy?

About eight years ago, the Italian design company Aviointeriors Group, offered a very savage way to transport passengers standing. Fortunately, at that time neither the carrier is not interested in this idea, but recently she still found enthusiasts. Updated vertical seat showed at the international exhibition of equipment for aircraft interiors in Hamburg (Germany).

According to Aviointeriors Group, the current equipment of the economy class aircraft is too comfortable, so the company offers to equip the cabins of planes vertical seats for passengers Skyrider 2.0. This would reduce the distance between seats from 70 to 60 centimeters and accommodate 20 percent more passengers.

As the name implies, Skyrider 2.0, this is the second attempt of the Italian firm to convert passenger planes into the bus. Eight years ago, was represented by vertical passenger seat Skyrider, which, fortunately, did not pay attention to even the low-cost airlines.

Yet it should be noted that Skyrider 2.0 — not the usual standing room, equipped with seat belts and armrests. Rather like driving “riding” on the seat like a Bicycle. People are using them not just standing, but rather sitting standing.

The developer proposes to use such places only for short flights. Of course, the position of “riding the invisible Bicycle” can be fully experienced, for example, on flights between the Scottish Islands’s what westray and Papa’s what westray, which lasts 1 minute 20 seconds — this will reduce as the cost of the ticket and fuel consumption. But imagine what it would be like the passengers of flight Moscow — Saint Petersburg. Not going to point the finger, but in Russia there is at least one airline that might be interested in this “innovation”.

Meanwhile great enthusiasm in relation to the vertical passenger seat was filled only the head of Irish low cost airline Ryanair Michael O’leary. He called them “bar stools with seatbelts”, at the same time calling to refrain from the latter.

“The plane is just a stupid bus with wings. If he, God forbid, will fall, the strap will not save you. You do not connect to the London underground. Why to a seat in the train, speeding at a speed under 200 kilometres per hour? If something happens, you will still die.”

O’leary refused British officials from aviation. Before you set the vertical space in the salons of their planes, the Irish company will need all the rules to prove that they are safe.

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