Staff Samsung still using iPhone !

Samsung is preparing to launch the Galaxy S10 in a few months with a new design and strong capabilities, but it seems that the staff of the company is not enthusiastic about him as is the audience of the company.

During the last few months and through more of an accident, appeared a lot of evidence that the staff of the Samsung love to use iPhone and will not sing about the thousands -maybe millions – of dollars !

Beginning with the ambassador of Samsung in Russia, possible, media, Ksenia Sobchak, which collected them and the Korean giant’s contract forces us to use phones in public places and programs TV.

But Sobchak has contravened the terms of the contract have appeared to one of the software which is used for iPhone X, to Samsung’s claim in the amount of $ 1.6 million.

It’s not this incident, but organizers at the expense of Samsung’s official Twitter feed. available in love with the iPhone as well, this account of Nigeria trying to convince the audience to purchase Galaxy S9/S9+ and then Note 9, which was beyond its price 1000$ tweet sent from the iPhone.

The incident was repeated with the Samsung account in Saudi Arabia. So today, with a Samsung account, the Indian who tried to promote the vision provided by the camera Galaxy A9 quad of the iPhone.

No doubt that’s how errors negatively affect the support of the police, in see you will be the Galaxy S10 convincing for my Samsung, or are they mired in environmental integration for Apple TV?

Not available here embarrassing mistakes the team Samsung, it has already promoted the company most of the time the sample picture on it of camera phones, while the photo cameras professional.

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