Spotify works on a CD player for music for cars, according to a new report


Spotify is a company that does not manufacture devices, but may change that this year. According to a new report released recently, it was speculated that the company is working on a player for music for cars, a device that would allow users to play songs from this service, even if the infotainment system in their cars running applications. As you can expect from a product of this type on this day, will support the new music player from the company Spotify voice commands also.

This is not the first time that the suggestion of the possibility of launching a device from a company Spotify. In fact, I already want that the company is working on such a device when carried by alluding to it in a pop-up window within the application, which was noted by many of the users of the service.

The report from Financial Times says that the company Spotify will be the pricing of this device is estimated at US $ 100. Will give this device the need to use information and entertainment systems such as the basic Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to play the songs service Spotify in your car.

The device works on synchronization with the stereo inside the car via Bluetooth will be contain buttons you can adjust the preset playlists. Will support voice commands, similar to what is found in the application of Spotify for mobile devices. Sadly, there aren’t any other details about the device, such as internal memory capacity and whether it will support LTE or not.

This will make the device easy for users participating in the service of Spotify to listen to music on their car because they won’t have to deal with their smartphones and infotainment systems in their cars to play music. Because Spotify is a service first musical in the world, we expect that there will be many people who will want to get this device.


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