Spotify will follow the family user subscription and block those who do not live together

Why are app developers and a variety of online services monitor their users? So they get information that allows you to more effectively build your business. Therefore, unlike the intelligence and detective agencies, they don’t care what your name is who you called in the evening Tuesday and where was in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. But, however well-intentioned were the objectives of IT companies, sometimes they go too far, they later bitterly regret.

Spotify is interested in who you live with

Music service Spotify said it plans from time to time to check the actual location of users of a family subscription. In different countries this rule shall enter into force gradually. Somewhere he was accepted back in early August, and somewhere in September. However, ultimately it will spread to all countries where the service is officially because of the exceptions, the developers have not provided.

Why would Spotify know with whom you live

The idea is to verify the location of user did not arise spontaneously, but its goal is not improved quality of service. So Spotify wants to make sure users family subscriptions really are a family, not joined the “family” to save on the access to music. This is a fairly common practice because a family subscription to Spotify worth $ 15, if it is divided for 6 people, which can accommodate the “family” begins to cost only 2.5 bucks apiece. It’s even cheaper than paying for Apple Music in Russia!

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However, the test case is clearly not limited. Under the new rules, users of family subscriptions that do not live together, must cancel your subscription within 30 days from the date of entry into force of the new rules. In the case of disobedience of the requirements of the company, she will be forced to disconnect from the service users who have accessed it fraudulently, not being members of the same family. But why of all places with the same brush?

Face control at Spotify

The situation can be very different, and sometimes members of the same family can actually live with each other. You never know the cases where the head of the family goes to work watch to distant lands to earn money? This practice is widespread not only in Russia but also in Europe, where the movement between States is even less of a problem. In the end, what about the trips that some last for several months?

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However, even if you leave the moral side of this question, it is important to identify the legality of such actions. In fact, Spotify wants to deal with the invasion of privacy of millions of users, which are unlikely to be happy to outsiders learned that in their family there was a temporary disorder or any other event that forced the native people to change their place of residence. The result of such interference can be numerous lawsuits, fines and loss of credibility Spotify.

Not the last role in this play Apple. Most likely, Apple will not allow to place in the App Store app, which is spying on users, risking to violate their privacy. In the end, Spotify can not only lose subscribers, but also risks to depart from the Apple app store, which for her was the starting point of growth of popularity. Well, the cupertinos is just at hand, because they have Apple Music, which will instantly collect all that was lost by the Swedes.

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