Spotify will allow users to block or mute artists to avoid seeing or listening to their songs


There is no way to avoid the songs from an artist I don’t like it on the service Spotify. Thus, this means that the songs of those artists will appear in the playlists or radio stations although you don’t like them. However, it seems that this will change in the near future because Spotify will allow users in the near future banning and muting some of the artists in their applications on mobile devices.

Working Spotify is currently testing the feature ” do not run this artist ” in the latest version of the application on the iOS platform. According to The Verge, it seems that this feature would allow users to ban an artist completely at home. This means that it will never be run the songs from that artist to the user regardless of whether on playlist or lists first or radio stations or the library of Spotify.

It is important to mention here that this feature is effective against the individual songs of a particular artist is not available to the other songs in which he participated this artist. Was Spotify apparently plans to launch this feature in 2017, but decided to postpone it to now.

I haven’t yet confirm to us Spotify when Will you launch this feature for all users, but there is a possibility that up to develop Spotify on the platform of Android and iOS in the next few weeks.


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