Spotify submitted its application for children Spotify Kids on Android and iOS

Spotify announces the application of its own children, the Spotify Kids on Android and iOS.

سبوتيفاي تُقدّم تطبيقها الخاص بالأطفال Spotify Kids على أندرويد و iOSSpotify submitted its application for children Spotify Kids on Android and iOS

To give parents peace of mind while you enjoy their children for the audio tracks, provide Spotify “Spotify” application of independent users with small “children”, who will pay only the audio content of a child-friendly, which is chosen manually, and notes that the app is coming user interface bright, colorful, and even it is equipped with buttons that are large size and easy on little explored.

On the other hand, the company indicated, that the children’s version of their main application is currently available is limited for some regions, that it is released to everyone without specifying a specific date, as well, to take advantage of the app the user must be subscribers of “Premium Family”, with no additional costs if you already shared in this category.

Anyway, you can expect with the app and audio content suitable for children is tested manually to make sure that everything is suitable for them, in this way, you won’t worry about discovering your kids music that contain attributes for adults, so would be free to hand over your phone to let your kids broadcast the appropriate music, without having to control their shoulders constantly.

Finally, as noted previously, implementation of the Spotify Kids in the stages of the first Test, also available in specific countries, is expected to announce that Spotify is officially within the next few weeks.



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