Spotify responded to the statement of Apple that it considers “content”

Spotify to deal directly with artists instead of record labels

The war of words between Apple sportive escalate after that replied to the last statement first, especially after she described as “proprietary”.

In a new statement said Spotify to each company they will defend herself that she did not commit any error user they care about meeting the interests of customers, competitors, and stressed that the policies of Apple harm the customers through the adoption of the Apple TV to subscribers of Spotify on the iOS operating system are the clients and customers of Spotify and this is the basis of the problem with the Apple TV.

And Spotify has made a complaint the European Union because of the exercise of the Apple is not fair in her store, and Spotify dissatisfaction of the proportion of 30% that kill their income developers by selling apps or subscriptions through the App Store.

And Spotify that reality will service Apple musical an unfair advantage in the market because they will be forced to raise the price of its service to compensate the women of the county which makes it the most expensive of the subscription price in the service of the Apple musical.

For its part responded to Apple’s complaint Spotify considering that they want all the advantages of a free app without providing their service for free, as they reduced their share to 15% of subscriptions after the first year, in addition to a few of the participants join the service payments via the Apple App Store.

The European Commission on research and investigation into the complaint made by Spotify to determine what the next action which can be taken in a case may drag on and have considerable consequences applicable to all services other charges contributions to balance the Apple App Store.

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