Spotify rejects complaint against Apple to the European Commission due to unfair practices


The company announced Spotify she made a complaint to the European Commission against Apple. And company Spotify through this complaint, the safety concerns of discrimination by Apple in relation to the management of the iTunes Store App Store.

According to the company, Spotify, has reported that Apple made it difficult for companies like Spotify to provide services to its customers. I’ve provided the Spotify a full timetable of events dating back to 2010 when I started Apple in changing the laws at the iTunes App Store.

Over schedule in the end to watch more step, such as refusal of Apple systems alternative payment within the app on the App Store, forcing developers to use the payment system of Apple itself, this allows for Apple to deduct 30 percent of the value of subscriptions and purchases. When you choose not to use this defense system, the Spotify become not able to allow their customers to upgrade to plans of through the app itself.

In the end, to prevent the Apple developers to provide novel systems, external payment or even hint to alternative payment systems within their apps. Then there were other problems, where they didn’t allow the Apple TV for Spotify, having the app on the Smart Watch Apple Watch or work with the digital assistant Siri. Even when it was the launch of the smart speaker Apple HomePod, there was no support for services like Spotify.

The main problem here is that Apple TV doesn’t run the App Store only, but have a service to rival Spotify called Apple Music. Not on the Apple Music to pay a tax to Apple, so during the short period that I used the Spotify payment system with Apple TV, we had to increase their prices, which made Apple Music look more attractive to the users.

Of course, Spotify is not the only company that has been damaged due to the practices of Apple. Do not allow Amazon users to purchase books through the application of Kindle for iOS because they don’t want to give Apple 30 percent of the value of each book sold. The timing of Netflix also recently about allowing iOS users to subscribe to the plans from within the app because they don’t want is the other to grant 30 percent of the value of subscriptions for Apple.


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