Spotify plans to expand its presence in India in the coming months

سبوتيفاي تخطط لتوسيع تواجدها في الهند خلال الأشهر القادمة

After that, the company expands its services in the Middle East and North Africa, and the service officially most Arab states seem to consider today very seriously to expand its services in one of the biggest markets for musical growth in the world, according to a report from site Variety about the work of Spotify to expand its presence in India over the next six months, probably to the number of markets that are available where service to 78 including India.

According to Bloomberg, the company Spotify has set up a number of deals with the owners of the rights to broadcast major in India, where it is expected at the time of the arrival of streaming services Spotify country that the company is trial period allows the user to access the full service period may exceed the duration of the 30 day usual for new subscribers, as to encourage them in a country in which most to pay in order to get such services, as YouTube is currently the streaming service first musical for a large segment of the 100 million Indian users for the music being free, of course.

Cannot be ignored as the difficulties that will be faced by Spotify in India beginning of of the the laws of copyright the fragile intensity of local brands operating in this wire to the multitude of dialects and languages spoken the arrival of a snag payment via credit cards and competitors is fierce both from local firms or other global labor market in Indian music.

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