Spotify offers paid water “listen on demand” free

سبوتيفي تجعل الميزة المدفوعة "الاستماع حسب الطلب" مجّانًا

سبوتيفي تجعل الميزة المدفوعة "الاستماع حسب الطلب" مجّانًا

There are many services to broadcast music that always creates the development among them through the provision of benefits to all users, Spotify or Spotify in English, it announced a new feature that can distinguish it from other services within the Council, and the fact of the matter is that the water is old but it is available in a subscription version Premium Spotify, which is listening on-demand.

The new thing is that this feature is now offered in the free version, therefore it will be possible to now choose specific tracks to broadcast instead of switching random, however not everyone including a campaign in the sense that they are not completely free, where the users have the domain just lists of tracks to the best 15 playlist on Spotify, including the mix Discover Weekly personal.

Also there are tools to customize new playlists custom, where when you add tracks, will begin the Spotify in knowing what you want and then propose to service more songs to add, and another task is to provide data broadcast by a limited data plan or when connected to weak, finally what remains of the free version include ads you will see this more new all operating systems through the next few weeks.

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