Spotify is suing Apple because of its taxes and respect

Company has advanced Spotify with a lawsuit to combat fraud in the European Union, which accused Apple to adversely affect the users ‘ choices and restrictions on creativity and innovation through restrictions and laws imposed via the shop of their applications, especially the 30% of the subscriptions they charge.

And Spotify that this ratio is imposed by Apple as tax and negatively affected when its competitor with the service Apple TV music itself. As a result the payment ratio of 30%, they will be forced to raise the price of their participation in the same proportion and thus be more expensive than the service Apple TV Music.

The Spotify of narrowing Apple and its frequent application updates to improve user experience by services and other tools provided by Apple on the iPhone such as the assistant Siri or Apple devices such as smart watch and plugin home HomePod.

This is the first invitation officially registered in the EU against Apple’s App Store, which as long as you know complaints by the companies proposed percentage of 30% of the revenue from apps.

Worth noting that Google know the fines of billions of euros as a result of similar cases, in the case of search results shopping you to a fine of 2.4 million euros in the case of the monopoly of Android to a fine of 4.3 million euros and the whole of the European Union known for his sensitivity towards the issues of fraud and equitable competition.

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