Spotify have 100 million subscribers paid a total of 217 million users

Announced that Spotify just made a major achievement is the existence of 100 million subscribers per month in the service of the Spotify music and this figure is approaching 50% of users and 117 million.

If you simply enjoy your Spotify 217 million users 100 million of them paying for the use of the service where that came from. the recent increase in the numbers of participants thanks to the launch of the service in India the end of February and this contributed to the coming of million subscribers in a week the first month and more than a million in a few weeks the following four.

Unfortunately, despite good growth in the numbers of users and participants, except that these figures did not help the company to reach profitability where the company lost 142 million euros by the end of the first quarter in 2019.

Spotify expects more deployment in the coming period, but don’t expect to reach profitability in the near future due to the strong competition with other services.


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