Spotify has again accused Apple of unfair competition

Not so long ago the music platform Spotify has accused Apple that the Cupertino-based company intentionally discreditied competitors to promote its own streaming service, Apple Music. Spotify their statements reinforced the complaint that was sent to the European Commission. Surprisingly, Apple did not keep silent, and was soon followed by the official response. Today, this history has received the continuation.

Spotify new statement was published with publication Variety:

Any monopoly will tell you that it takes into account the interests of competitors and consumers. Alas, Apple’s response to our complaint to the European Commission did not become for us a revelation.

It is obvious that Apple actions harm competition, and are a clear violation of the law — that’s why we filed a complaint. Apple is deeply convinced that all our service users on iOS are its customers. This is not so. We hope that the European Commission will take all this into consideration and make the right decision.

Recall that the conflict between the two companies began with the fact that Spotify has accused Apple of “unfair competition” and “excessive” fee in the App Store 30%. A little later, the popular music service has expanded the list of their claims. According to the streaming platform, Apple:

  • Often does not allow, and intentionally delaying the release to Spotify in the App Store;
  • Intentionally blocks access to Siri, not allowing to control the application using voice commands;
  • Does not provide the ability to upgrade to premium in the app. Because of this, customers have to subscribe through the website;
  • Deliberately limiting access to their own devices. A good example of a clever column HomePod, which is available only branded streaming service Apple Music.

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