Spotify choose a bouquet subscription for two people with the

Choose the Spotify subscription plan Premium Duo to be two people at a low price. In European countries, Latin the mixed water cost participation individual 10 euros or dollars per month, while the new requirement of 12.5 euros or dollars per month.

Plan aims to the new procurement related persons nearby, where the request registration procedures service supply Spotify titled Housing, which should be one, which is also a requirement in the family package, but not make binding on delivery.

Speaking of the bouquet family, so in European countries is 15 euros per month but it ensures up to 6 devices can register to the same account.

Add water paid, which gets them subscribers Spotify, the participants in the service of the Premium Duo to the list of new songs on behalf of the Dui Mix; it suggests songs that may appeal to users with. Otherwise, you can use Spotify like individual account, including the share lists with another party or even the other participant in the dual.

Source: The Verge

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