Spotify begins testing a new line called ” Premium Duo “


Share passwords for accounts Spotify which is common, and the latest method used by the company Spotify to it is to provide a line driven by a new can involving two users. This new plan is called the Premium Duo will each person paid account separate with all the primary advantages in addition to advantage Duo Mix new. Is the new offer more cost-effective compared to the individual plan that cost $ 9.99 USD for each account. In fact, the cost of the plan Premium Duo new are located between the individual and the family that cost 14.99 USD.

The only demand for the Premium Duo is to live with a person who shared in the service. It is known that Spotify requests of users of the family plan to confirm their address, so we follow a similar approach with the new service.

As an added bonus, is offered the advantage of Spotify Duo Mix, which you combine playlists for participants in the same plan which allows to obtain the experience of listening to New. Before concluding, We would like to point out that current subscribers can upgrade to the Premium Duo while retaining all the playlists and songs saved. The new plan is currently available in Colombia, Chile, Denmark, Ireland and Poland.


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