Spotify announces the arrival of a shared service it is possible to 100 million users

The company announced Spotify about a rising number of users of its service representative paid to the 100 million users, with an average annual growth rate of 32% .


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Recorded Spotify new height in the number of subscribers it is possible to broadcast the music, having reached 75 million subscribers after the launch of the service one year, today announced the arrival of the shared service it is possible to 100 million users globally.

And she managed to get Spotify to recording height per year in the number of participants increased by 32%, as increased revenues Spotify by 33% or $ 1.67 million.

On the other hand, the number of users of the streaming service Spotify per month to 217 billion, meaning that the number of users per month increased by 10 million users from the previous quarter, and rose by 44 million users when compared to the number of current subscribers last year.

The European market one of the most important markets for Spotify, and then comes the North American market and also the Latin American market, also contributed to Samsung in the high number of users due to the approval of Samsung On app install Spotify on a lot of idea of smart phones such as the series Galaxy S10 last, also contributed to Google also by Google Home Mini offered a subscription to Spotify for all the family.


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